From Beginning to Today with Ferrum Network

The adventure of cryptocurrencies, which started our lives less than 10 years ago with the entry of Bitcoin, continues rapidly. The altcoin adventure that started with Ethereum took everything to a whole new level.

There are so many crypto projects now that I think it is impossible to follow the vast majority. But there is a project that promises to bring them together. Ferrum Network is a project that will provide interoperability. I wanted to take a look from the past of the project, which chose this as its vision, to the path it has followed up to now.

Ferrum Network started to develop as an idea in early 2018. As we know, it was the end of a period called the bull season in the crypto world. And of course the beginning of a general troubled period, the bear season. In such a period, it is difficult to develop a project and attract the attention of investors. However, it is a living proof that the most important thing in projects is working and ideas. The project, in which the first steps were taken in March 2018, participated in many activities during the promotion process. In November 2018, the Malta Blockchain Consensus and the World Blockchain Forum (New York) were launched at global events. However, I think one of the most prominent event was the “Crypto World Tour” (December 19,2018), organized by Ian BALINA and with very strong sponsors. Thus, the idea of ​​Ferrum Network began to be transferred to people more easily. I also think that it is necessary to remember that Ferrum Network was the winner during the selection of good projects. After that, it was possible to see Ferrum Network in many important crypto-related events.

One of the most important features of Ferrum Network is that it can work with all other cryptocurrencies network.

Another important thing that makes a project valuable is its strategic partnership in other projects. Ferrum proved himself to be effective in this respect. The agreements started with TLG Ventures and continued with Gemini, a large stable coin. Gemini was an important deal because it needed a very suitable cryptocurrency for one of the main ideas of the Ferrum Network, the crypto-fiat gateway. Gemini was a good choice right here. Of course, the partnerships did not stop there. New agreements were signed both from the cryptocurrencies market and from the real sectors. Hydro, Fusion, and DASH are the first examples that come to mind. All are in the image below;

In January, 2019, whitelist records were opened for Ferrum Network’s planned token sale and the records remained open for only 2 weeks. As we know, these whitelist records are very important to identify ICO participants. A $ 1.12 Million micro-cap was set for the ICO process. And on the 18th of June, the private sales event was completed. Seed round and private sales totaled 820K collection success. In this way, ICO, which will be held in August, will be able to make a hard cap by selling only 300K. And as a result, on August 1, 2019, the Ferrum Network ICO completed the ICO by selling all tokens within minutes.

As an indication of how important the investors and Ferrum community are to the team, the team announced as the primary listing and project partner before the final stage token sale began. Following the Token sale, on August 5, the FRM token was opened for trading with the FRM / USDT and FRM / BTC pairs. Binance DEX was announced while the secondary listing was perhaps expected within a short period of time. (In Binance DEX, only BEP2 tokens can be traded.) Recently, it has been announced that FRM will be listed with the FRM / ETH pair, IDEX, one of the largest DEX in the world. Also in the same announcement, the green light in the 4th listing was lit! I think the entire Ferrum Network community has been pleased about it!

Let’s talk about Ferrum Network’s products …
(Later, I will share the detailed individual reviews.)

Initially UniFyre Wallet, including Sub-Zero Wallet, Infinity DEX and Kudi Exchange products are being prepared by the Ferrum Network community.

The first product of Ferrum Network was the Kudi exchange, which addresses African countries that are eligible for growth. Published on May 2019, Kudi Exchange started to be used as FIAT gateway in many African countries, especially Nigeria. Kudi Exchange started service in Africa as the first product of Ferrum, but with the recent update, it took the first steps in the name of globalization, initially in China. Already a few months before ICO, the Ferrum Network team had the impression that it would work effectively in the Asian market.

Although not exactly a product, the Social Mining Platform was announced to carry out the marketing and promotional activities of Ferrum Network with the community. Social Mining aimed to bring the whole community together on a single platform, provided that at least 5000 FRM is kept in personal Ethereum wallets and the content presented to the appreciation of the community is produced. In addition, the idea that everyone has more impact points the more FRM they hold, the more FRM has started to add value. With increasing interest, Social Mining platform adds value to Ferrum Network with the rich content it generates, and also adds FRM to the participants.

Ferrum Network, which will publish UniFyre Wallet in the short term (according to the road map in September 2019), will then start preparing products such as Infinity DEX and Sub-Zero wallet that the market needs.

As we can see in the roadmap, for the FRM, which plans to make mainnet in the first quarter of 2020, everything is going well. Continue to learn about the project before it’s too late.

Finally, keep in mind that Ferrum Network has a global workplace. Join other Ferrum Network communities in the languages ​​you know.

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