How Can You Use Ferrum’s Social Mining Dashboard?

As you know, one of the most prominent projects of the last period was Ferrum Network. First, the low-cap target was on the agenda. Then the high purchase demand, which is not so common in recent token sales. Then Ferrum Network team continued to work hard. And just a few days after ICO, the first exchange listing was announced.

The exchange listing, which started with BitMax, continued with Binance DEX listing, announced yesterday. Even in past projects, the Ferrum team continued to make a breakthrough when there was no such rapid action.

It is obvious that Ferrum Network is in increasing demand for FRM tokens. When we see that the price of ICO does not fall well below, we understand that the project is progressing successfully.

During the development phase of the project, the team, which attaches great importance to the community, launched an award program called Social Mining. This is not an ordinary bounty shape we know. It is more community-oriented, both open to creating hype for the project and also directed by the community.

In this article, I would like to give detailed information about Social Mining and how it is applied.

First of all, you have to hold a minimum of 5000 FRM in your personal Ethereum wallet to be included in the social mining program. This is a priority requirement. (The more tokens you hold, the more rewards you will have.) But it’s not enough just to hold a token. You must also produce content that the community will value. In short, you should contribute to the community.

If you purchased the FRM 5000 and transferred it to your Ethereum wallet. You are now ready to join Social Mining. (Participation with FRMs held in Exchange is not recommended. Award distribution will only be made to personal Ethereum wallets.)

You can sign up for Social Mining from the link below.
(Link is Referenced! — You can continue by deleting / referral / tbSaiHZWfpo4VJP / if you want.)

If you are going to use Twitter and Reddit within the platform, I recommend you to create a membership using Twitter because you will need to integrate these platforms. In this way, you will not need to link your account again.

I will continue to explain signing up using twitter.
If you are going to use Twitter too, you can use the “Sign In with Twitter” option. This will also register you on the platform. If you want to subscribe by mail, you can use the “Sign Up” button below. Those who continue with Twitter will receive the following checkbox. You must consent to Social Mining receiving data from Twitter.

And now you have easily signed up for Social Mining.
The platform will try to help you with some questions to get to know you at this stage.

You can browse the links on the left menu to get to know the platform. But my advice to you first is to update your profile completely. To do this, click on your profile picture at the bottom of the menu on the left. This section shows your profile and from here you can see all the data about yourself. First, select your Ethereum wallet with a minimum of 5000FRM, then select your gender, country and time interval. If you’d like to increase your FRM score by sharing Reddit, please link to your Reddit account.

If you’ve fully updated your profile, you’re now ready to become Social Miners. You can now start to recognize the tabs on the left menu. As you can see in the menus, you can start contributing to the community by using Telegram, Twitter and Reddit platforms. Finally, using the Telegram tab, you can also link your Telegram account via the Ferrum Network bot. Don’t forget to use the claim button after each activity for Twitter and Reddit events. In the Telegram group, you can wait for your supports to be reflected on the platform.


In order to earn Ferrum points using Twitter, you must have at least 50 followers on your Twitter account.

You can earn 15 Ferrum Points if you tweet by writing at least 30 characters every day with #FerrumNetwork. (Max. 2 per day)
You can earn 10 Ferrum Points every day by re-tweeting from your Ferrum Network Twitter account. (Max. 2 per day)

(Don’t forget to click “claim” after completing the activities !!!)


If you have linked your Reddit account and Social Mining account, you can earn Ferrum Points by sharing Ferrum-related content in the subreddits allowed in Reddit and commenting on content shared in the Ferrum Network subreddit.

Note that on content shares, the post must be 10 lines long, contain at least 30 characters, and have at least 1 upvote.

You can earn 50 Ferrum points (max. 2 per day) per content on Reddit content shares, and 30 Ferrum points (max. 3 per day) for each comment.

(Don’t forget to click “claim” after completing the activities !!!)

Finally, you will see the “Submit Activity” tab on the left menu again. As you can see below, you can add bug reports, articles, videos, and images in this section if you’ve contributed to the Ferrum community.


Ferrum Network is trying to reward the members of the community for every contribution they make. Therefore, he allocated 1% of the total token amount for Social Mining. Reward coefficients are determined by calculating the score of all activities described above and the influence on this program. You will be rewarded with FRM according to these coefficients. I would like to state that this program will last for 1 year.

Last but not least, I think one of the best things about this program is that you can give upvote or downvote all activities in Social Mining. (Downvote should not be used unless it is really needed). Thus, the community itself is assigned to calculate the community contribution. Initially, you won’t be able to give upvote for any activity and you don’t have to worry about it. As you contribute, you will be able to rate the contributors.

If you notice any shortcomings, inaccuracies related to this article, please write a comment.




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#OasisFoundation #FerrumNetwork #Burency Community Manager

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